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James is a man with a huge heart and a vision to match, and one of his favourite sayings is “we haven’t hit the causal issue yet …” His experience with Post Traumatic Stress, after serving in Iraq, set him on a path to learn all he could about healing the ‘causal issues’. The success of his healing journey is evident, and he describes himself as a man who lives with post-traumatic growth!

As the Lead Facilitator for Men’s Wellbeing at Emergent Leaders Foundation, James is intensely passionate about assisting others reach their highest potential, and his mentoring and teaching programs are transformational, to say the least.

James’ ability to ask the hard questions, his extensive leadership experience in challenging environments, and his affable manner mean organisations love his workshops.

James is an inspiring and engaging public speaker, with a reputation to move an audience to tears within the first few minutes of a presentation. He will always encourage listeners to lead from the heart by oozing this quality himself

Overwatch Battle Group (West) – Two Combat Team Eagle at the Ziggurat of Ur lead by MAJ James Greenshields, 2007


In 2014 James, was the first white man to ever stand on the entrance to the ancient burial caves in the forbidden forest, the home of the Indonesian Dayak. He was invited to participate in a ‘Journey Back’ to the homeland of these people. The experience changed his life forever.

sharing the hard earned wisdom

helping boys become men

I firmly believe that Superheroes help our development. They provide something to look up to, admire and desire to emulate. I also believe that society, particularly the media, does a lot to cut our heroes off at the knees. So in 2016 I designed and lead the Superhero Pilgrimage; a father/son expedition along the incredible 84km Tasmanian South Coast Trail.