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build your own rite of passage

Build The Bond With Your Loved Ones

Do you want to help a young man reach his full potential?

Do you want to deepen your connection to a young man?

Could a young man in your life do with a challenge to help him find himself?

We desire a bond

As parents we desire a deep bond with our children. It can be tough to walk the tight rope of giving too much, not being firm enough, living vicariously through them, and the other traps that occur on the journey of parenthood.

The art is to craft the bond so that both of you both stand on your own two feet.

Our Youth Want to be Challenged

It is the face of the challenge where we understand our own capability. This understanding must be gained through experience. It cannot be told to us or given to us. It comes through the process of self realisation. The challenge is a necessary medium to assist the realisation.

build your own rite of passage program

This is an 8 Week program designed to provide you the skills and depth of knowledge to build and conduct your own Rite of Passage program.

So if your a Dad, Uncle, family friend, or just a man who has a desire to help a boy become a young man, then this program will take you through a step by step process to construct and conduct your very own initiation experience.

Each week there will be a 2 hour online workshop on the Friday between 7-9am AEST (Sydney time). You’ll receive a workbook that will used in concert with the online sessions and include reflective exercises to be done in-between the sessions.

Upon registration you will receive an email with all the administration details for the program.

The Program

Dates: 13th October – 1st December 2023

Week One: History, Background and Mechanics of a Rite of Passage

Week Two: Psychological, Emotional and Spiritual Development

Week Three: 7 Banes of the Modern Man

Week Four: Preparing the Initiator

Week Five: Preparing the Initiate

Week Six: How To Build a Rite of Passage

Week Seven: Going Bush

Week Eight: Fostering the New Connection

Do it yourself rite of passage


8 Week Online How To Build Your Own Rite of Passage

8 x 2 hour online live workshops

Rite of Passage Workbook

Short Information Videos expanding on topics covered.

All materials are available for you to keep.

Rite of passage PRO


3 Day Bush Camp with James in the Nightcap Range, NSW

Bush Camp 24th – 26th November 2023

Includes everything from the DIY ROP program

All materials are yours to keep.