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The Next Step For The Awakened Man

Mastery requires respect for the skill one is pursuing. Dedication to that pursuit develops a sense of oneness with the skill. This oneness in turn forms a relationship between the doer and that which is being done. This relationship is what we would call reverence. 

It’s Time To Bring Back The Reverence In Men

In 1543 Nicolaus Copernicus proposed the Heliocentric Model of the Solar System with the Sun being the focus of the Solar System as opposed to the Earth. The Earth was relegated fourth, and in doing so, a schism was placed into our minds. For if she is not the centre, her importance is also diminished. And with the birth of the scientific worldview of the Renaissance, respect and reverence were slowly eroded.

The paradox of life is that we are the Centre of OUR Universe, not the Centre of THE Universe. Narcissism and selfishness have impacted one of our biggest needs – Access to our Personal Power and Connection.

One of the aspects of the Awaken Man’s Journey is to own the inner Narcissist completely and in doing so listen to the silenced messages it has been attempting to share. Once silenced, it has turned to the shadow for expression.

This is but one Dragon the Risen Man must face.

Carl Jung is reported to have said Masculine and Feminine work is for teenagers, the real adult work is the inner child. I’m sure he’d agree the next deeper level, taken by the courageous few, is into the Primordial Masculine and Feminine. This takes our awareness and healing deeper than the decision we made as a child; deeper than the wounding our soul resonated with in this life time and into the deepest realm of the collective.

To create the Divine Union of Masculine and Feminine one must meet the dark as well as the light. For it is the depths of the darkness that allow for the brightness of the light. Many have fallen for the addiction to the light which by inference means the darkness has become their rudder. Desperately attempting to avoid it, it now rules their consciousness from the shadows.

Man On The Rise is a four month journey drawing on Myth, Mystical Knowledge, First Nation Understanding coupled with modern Psychology and Emotional Intimacy to provide the participant with a deep, broad and eclectic understanding of themselves so as to become a shining example and mentor to those he touches.

The Four Months will see an exploration of the key elements of what it is to Master BEing a Man. A taste of the list includes:a

  • The Journey into The Primordial Masculine and Feminine;
  • Emotional Mastery bred by Intimacy with ones Emotions;
  • The healing provided from facing our Dragons;
  • Refining our measures of success to allow us to truly express who we really are;
  • Developing, Owning and Living our own inner Code;
  • A marriage between the Dark Feminine and Dark Masculine;
  • Deep dive into Sacred Sexuality and how it’s understanding and practice is key to living a successful life;
  • Adventures through the Shadows of the Ronin or Rogue Warrior, the Wounded Healer and Narcissist to draw the power of the gifts they offer.


As a Son, am I a Boy or a Man?

Shining Armour has only the knowledge of the forge, not the task for which it was built. As men, we are called to leave the nurturing comfort of the home, the oasis, and challenge ourselves in the pursuit of Mastery of our Divinely given skills, whatever they are.

To remain in our comfort zone is to die before our time; is to leave to our child the need to move our bloodline forward. My father a Vietnam Veteran and a Padre, on parting this realm, gifted me the gauntlet of healing the trauma of war. Through my own battles both literal and figurative, I’ve honoured him and therefore myself by fully accepting the challenge.

Life is the greatest University, yet we must have the courage to milk it for all it’s worth.

Our True Value lies in our BEing, not our Doing. Master our BEing and our Doing becomes infused with Magic.

the workshop

Four Month journey we walk together

Each month has two Zoom Mini Workshops and weekly focal areas/tasks for practical application and mastery.
Following on from the Virtual or residential Workshop that start the program, the Group will step through a month of focused work guided by weekly topics and videos and supported by eight group mentoring calls taking us all deeper into the continued exploration. One on One mentoring is available, however, there are limited spots, so ensure to ask when inquiring if that interests you.

Month One

Embody The Wisdom

To wield the Sword of Truth requires integration and embodiment of the knowledge. This month assists you bring the aspects of the workshops into your daily life.

Month Two

Walk The Code

Four weeks of deep Emotional Literacy training that brings your living of the strong and balanced Masculine into all areas of your life. The how to of being a balanced emotionally connected Man.

Month Three

Own My Creator

Getting clear and focusing on creating what it is exactly you want in your life. Embracing the Creator within. Mysticism and metaphysics meet modern science in a journey of becoming the Master of your Reality.

Month Four

Exercising My Muscle

We bring everything together with a project of your individual design to live everything in service of your chosen person, group or community.

The program has levels of engagement tailored to your desired intensity. The virtual Workshop will be held before the Bush Camp for those unable to physically attend. That said, numbers for the camp will deliberately be kept small to ensure intimacy.

the Three Levels Of Engagement

Both Hercules and Thor engagements involved attendance of the Bush camp run over 13th – 16th Apr 2023. These levels will now only be available on the next scheduled running of the program.

Please get in contact if you are interested in attending a subsequent Bush Camp.

Thoth teachings

Thoth the Egyptian Scribe to the Gods, has gone by many names including Mercury and Hermes Trismegistis. He is said to have taught civilianisation everything from music, language, medicine and mathematics to name but a few.

For all those who can’t make the Bush experience, the virtual workshop will introduce you to the journey with the group.

  • 3 Day Virtual Workshop
  • Four Months Group Mentoring.
  • Individuals may request individual mentoring in addition to this program


Virtual Workshop: 27th – 29th Apr 2023

Bush Camp: 13th – 16th Apr 2023, Northern Rivers, NSW

Program: April – Aug 2023

Take the leap

to lead men, one must earn one’s place