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The True masculine man

By James Greenshields

In what remains predominantly a paternal society, it would be expected that we’d know how to be a Man. If so, why are the divorce rates so high; why are depression rates so high; why are so many men feeling like there has to be more to life?

So what does a True Masculine Man look like?

A True Masculine Man has the ability to hold space in an environment where everything is telling him to do anything but. He has the ability to be the rock the feminine needs, desires and deserves. He has a balanced sense of conviction to a purpose beyond himself and his own. 

In centuries past, men gathered in contest with each other. Competition stemmed from a desire to better oneself. Not at the expense of another, but knowing that in pushing himself beyond his known limits, he would aid others to do the same

Now as you look at the world around you, do you see this or have we distorted something with the passage of time? 

The question is not “what have we done?!?”, but “Will we let our past define us?” 

Change is the universal inevitable. And a wind of change is currently sweeping men. Men are searching for something bigger than what they’ve been told, better than what they see, and more purposeful than what they’re currently involved in.

The True Masculine Man bonds with other masculine men in joyous, supportive competition aimed at bettering each other, and not stopping until that has happened. True Balanced Brotherhood sees loyalty only to a person’s true self and in doing so he knows this breeds thoughts, words and deeds of empowerment to others who share this bond. The bond is a call to action to hold our brothers accountable for straying from their true self. This accountability is the most powerful kind because it emanates from love.

A True Masculine Man has the power within, the strength of personal courage to hold his heart open and not fear what others throw at him. This strength comes through seeing the internal battles others fight and feeling compassion towards them. This compassion will guide his actions and if defense is called for against an unconscious assailant, he will act decisively and with absolute destructive force. This doesn’t matter if it’s towards a friend, family or stranger. This action will never attack the true self of another, as it is conducted by a code – honour in battle – but it will ensure the assailant’s attacks are nullified. 

A True Masculine Man pursues his purpose with passion and vigour that can only come through a heart connection with what he is doing. Working insidious hours to climb the corporate ladder is not an example. His balance in life comes from his ability to prioritise what he is doing in any moment. Be at home, with those he loves, or out making a dent in the universe. He feels no guilt or shame at his endeavours for all those around him benefit from the person he becomes in their pursuit. When he is with his family, they have him fully, with all the passion, love and joy he can heap upon them. He is an example through no other motivation than having a desire to be a perfect reflection of his true self. 

A True Masculine Man knows who he is, because he is not afraid to explore all areas of his internal self. Whilst his experiences in the external world have assisted him understand himself – he and only HE has moulded who he is. He does not seek recognition from his brothers, or any other external entity, as he is completely connected to his King, his True Self, his GOD and in this connection has all the recognition he desires. He sees the fruits of his labour in the sparkle of his children’s eyes, in the passion of his partner’s embrace and in the smiles of his mates. But if for one day, these things are not present, he feels no remorse, no guilt, no fear. He simply holds space for those around him to do the internal work they require to regain the sparkle, passion or smile. For he knows he controls three things: his thoughts, his words and his deeds – and his alone.

Much love

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